Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

MIG(wire) Horizontal Position Arc WeldingGas Metal Arc Welding is one of four major welding processes in which Illinois Valley Community College offers education and certification. Learn more about the different types of welding processes here.

Courses offered through Illinois Valley Community College for training in the Gas Metal Arc Welding process include:

WLD 1209 – MIG (wire) Flat Position Welding

WLD 1210 – MIG (wire) Mild Steel All Position Welding

WLD 1211 – MIG (wire) Stainless Steel All Position Welding

WLD 1212 – MIG (wire) Non-Ferrous (Aluminum) All Position Welding

WLD 1213 – GMAW Pipe Arc Welding

WLD 2200 – MIG(wire) Horizontal Position Arc Welding

WLD 2201 – MIG (wire) Vertical Position Arc Welding

WLD 2202 – MIG (wire) Overhead Position Arc Welding

WLD 1230 – MIG (wire) Dual Shield and Metal Core All Position Welding