Welding Lab Rules

» Welcome to Welding Class «

We, here at IVCC, want you to have fun learning and to be successful.
Best of Luck to you!

1. Always wear protective clothing – long sleeve shirt, welding jacket, full length jeans (with NO cuffs) either cotton or wool (no sweats.) Serviceable work boots – no gym shoes or sneakers allowed, reinforced toes are recommended.

2. Keep your work area clean and safe. ALWAYS clean your booth and surrounding area and have your instructor check it BEFORE you sign out.

3. You will not weld near explosive or flammable materials or on containers for explosive or flammable materials. Clear plastic butane lighters are extremely dangerous; never carry them on your body while welding.

4. Make sure welding area is well ventilated. Have instructor turn on exhaust system. Keep the red exhaust arm over the area where you are welding. You may wear a welding respirator if you desire.

5. Oxygen and acetylene cylinders and fittings should be kept away from oil and grease. Oxygen and petroleum products are very explosive when in contact with each other.

6. Never under any circumstances inhale gasses from gas cylinders. This can result in injury or death.

7. Handle all gas cylinders with extreme care. Cylinders are under high pressure (2000 PSI). Keep all cylinders capped when not in use or when transporting.

8. Keep all welding equipment in good condition, report any malfunction or damage to instructor.

9. Never operate any equipment until you have been properly instructed.

10. Never use cables with frayed or exposed wires, cracked or bare spots on the insulation. If defects are noted, notify instructor for repairs. Do not attempt to repair yourself.

11. You will not weld in a damp or wet area.

12. You will not weld or cut directly on a concrete floor. The heat will cause the floor to explode.

13. Obey all signs applicable to EQUIPMENT or AREAS with which you are working.

14. When electrode holders are left unattended, the electrodes shall be removed and the holders placed or protected so they cannot make contact with any metal surface.

15. Handle hot metal with pliers or vise grips, NOT GLOVES.

16. Assume all metal is HOT. Many people are burned by touching what appears to be cold metal.

17. ATTENTIONS ARC (SMAW) WELDERS: All welding electrodes are to be burned down to a 3” stub. Should you stick rod while welding, break rod loose from the base metal. In doing this you may lose some flux from the end of the electrode. If this occurs, cut the exposed portion of the rod with linesman pliers, and then continue to use the electrode until you have burned it down to a 3” stub.

Ask your instructor for 10 rods at the start of class, then when you burn them down, show him the stubs and ask for 10 more. Do not get them yourself.

18. You will not attend welding class intoxicated or be under the influence of alcohol or ANY drugs. You may get hurt or you may hurt someone else.

19. If you are unsure about something, please ask.

20. Always think SAFETY FIRST! No jewelry should be worn during regular class time.

21. No smoking or chewing tobacco products in the building.

22. There will be one 10 minute break in the middle of the class session. The time will be selected by the instructor and EVERYONE will break at that time if needed.

23. Keep all cell phones turned off during regular class times. (OK it first from your instructor, if you have to keep it on for an important call.) There will be NO TEXTING during regular class time. Anyone caught texting will be asked to leave class and will be marked “Absent” for that day.

24. If you forget to bring your own PPE and refuse to wear ours, you will be asked to sign out and will be marked Absent for that day.

25. If you are not willing to do a task the Instructor asks you to do, you could be asked to sign out and will be marked Absent for that day.

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