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» Welcome to Welding Class «

We, here at IVCC, want you to have fun learning and to be successful.
Best of Luck to you!

♦ Disability Statement

If you need support or assistance because of a disability, you may be eligible for academic accommodations through the Special Population’s office. For more details, please call 815-224-0284 or stop by office B-204.

♦ Attendance Policy

Attendance is 1/4 of your grade. Students will “sign-in” and “sign-out.” You are not to miss any more than two unexcused classes within any one course. Missing any more than two unexcused classes could result in failure of the course at the full discretion of the instructor. At the start of this course, everyone will be assigned 100 percentage points and as you miss or are late, you will have percentage points deducted as follows:

  • 2 percentage points will be deducted for being late and/or leaving early.
  • 5 percentage points will be deducted for an absence.

Make up classes will only be allowed if you let me know you’re going to be absent BEFORE class begins. If make up classes are allowed, ALL absences must be made up.

♦ Withdrawal Policy

If after the start of the course you find you are not going to be able to attend enough classes, you may consider withdrawing from the class (see page 20 in the IVCC catalog).  If you withdraw from the class you will not receive a grade BUT, if you just stop coming to class without withdrawing, you will be marked absent for all the classes you miss and will probably result in a Failing Grade. If you are under financial aid, you may have to pay back your aid if you do not withdraw early enough. You should see an advisor in the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from a course. Remember, it is your responsibility to withdraw from class, not the instructor’s. (I will withdraw you from class only if I’m instructed to.)

♦ Assessment of Student Learning

To compute your grade, students will be assessed by the instructor from 25% of classroom work, which includes homework, quizzes, and exams; 50% of welding lab work and 25% from subjective evaluation, which will include areas such as attendance, attitude, proper care of school equipment, ability to follow rules and procedures, participation, promptness to class, treating others with respect, and clean-up activities before leaving class. But remember, missing too many classes will supersede all other student assessments of your grade and will result in a Failing Grade.

♦ Grading: Point Distribution

Grading will be done on a regular A-B-C-D-F basis.

  • 90% – 100%    A
  • 80% –   89%    B
  • 70% –   79%    C
  • 60% –   69%    D
  • 0% –     59%    F

 ♦ Financial Aid Statement

Withdrawal from a course can affect financial aid. Students who receive financial aid should see an advisor in the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from a course.

♦ Academic Misconduct

It is expected that students will maintain the highest standards of intellectual honesty while carrying out academic assignments. Anyone involved in academic dishonesty such as plagiarism of written assignments, granting or receiving assistance on quizzes or exams, etc. will receive a failing grade for that assignment and possibly the entire course at the discretion of the instructor.

♦ Sexual Harassment

Illinois Valley Community College has a clear and firm policy prohibiting sexual harassment. Such conduct will not be tolerated and victims are encouraged to report any unwelcome sexual advances to the appropriate school authorities.

♦ Class Rules

  • There will be no smoking or chewing tobacco allowed in the building.
  • No leaving school property during class.
  • NO violence or roughhousing.
  • No soda or drinks in the welding booths.
  • No use of equipment without proper training or accompaniment of an instructor.
  • Safety will always be a top concern.

♦ Cell Phones

Please either turn cell phones off or place in silent ring mode during regular class time. During the quizzes or tests, cell phones MUST be turned off and placed away from the student. Any cell phone usage during a quiz or exam will be considered cheating and will result in a failing grade.

♦ Medical Conditions

If you have any type of medical condition that may manifest itself during class, please inform your instructor confidentially on how you want the instructor to handle the situation.


Illinois Valley Community College

The Early Alert System helps to promote your academic success through the development of a comprehensive process to identify, assist, and follow-up with you as challenges to successfully complete a course may arise.  The process consists of the identification of such challenges by faculty referral, self-report, and/or GPA.

Once identified, you will meet with a counselor to assess areas of difficulty and develop a Success Agreement. The Agreement will outline a very specific and individualized plan for you to employ to work toward academic improvement.

Students participating in this program will be encouraged to meet more frequently with their counselor to review progress so any new or continuing difficulties can be addressed, and successes can be recognized.  Students will continue in the program until satisfactory improvements are achieved.

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